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Fatty Pub - Getting to know the girls : Getting to know the girls

The party is definitely getting started here. Three boys, three girls in a pub, a perfect layout for a great night. Watch as things develop slowly, and then faster, as chemistry starts working between these amazing BBW girls and curve-admiring yuppies here. Chatting casually evolves into making out – ain't it your own dream? Jeez, check it out! One of the studs is on the bar desk already, his pants go down, and this sausage is just too much of a pleasure not to catch attention of this sexed up chubby redhead. And hey, other couples are not wasting time as those two are playing!

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Party girls get cool nasty

Fatty Pub - Party girls get real nasty : Party girls get cool nasty

With all the fun here, you would suppose things are moving pretty fast. And hell yeah they are for sure. Girls take control and though they look funny in their glasses and hats, they really mean business. And the business is serious hardcore fucking! You are about to enjoy watching them half-naked, taking turns sucking cock and playing with each other's huge sexy boobs. Just as girls were kissing the enormous rack of their friend, the guys wasted no time and worked their way into those tight fat cunts from behind. A minute later, one of the hotties is sandwiched between two dicks, and she's obviously still not getting enough cock!

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BBW fucking madness all the way

Fatty Pub - BBW fucking madness all the way : BBW fucking madness all the way

Well, this is what our bar is really famous for. Every party and get-together we have, they all end in BBW fucking mayhem. Just look! The couple who have been taking it slow, despite all what's been going on around them, are in the spotlight now. She's slurping on his raging boner and he pays the fat beauty back with some of the most intense dick stabbing you can ever hope to witness. After that, it's all one big sexy mess. Don't miss the first guy to get lucky play with a girl's massive rack whie his friend is pounding away at her tight twat doggy style!

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A prime example of fattie fucking

Fatty Pub - A prime example of fattie fucking : A prime example of fattie fucking

As you may have suspected, things are developing pretty fast here. And the couple to start it all, of course, the braver dude and his new chubby sweetheart in the yellow top – we mean, who used to be in the yellow top. Now she's naked and naughty, hungry for action and the guy's meaty dick! Without taking off her nice white shoes, she literally swallows the dude's beef, and this is more than he can take. As they move to the sofa for the guy to give her love tunnel some serious rubbing, their friends get horny watching it all. See as some raw BBW fucking takes place while the dude cums on his girl's tits, and the others are only getting started.

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How that rack got creamed

Fatty Pub - How that rack got creamed : How that rack got creamed

That seems barely possible, but things just keep getting hotter here. Don't you notice one thing? The guys and girls are having all this fantastic sex not leaving the bar chairs! They don't have to. Cocksucking and doggy style pussy pounding seem to go just fine. To get you warmed up with a few delicious close-ups of this big sexy ass filmed as the girl blows her lucky lover, the scene develops into a big hotter-than-hell fuckfest. Lots of nailing takes place until these big, round, perfectly shaped and perfectly sexy tits get the shower and god, a generous one!

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Tricks and ramrod tips and a cumshot

Fatty Pub - Tricks and cock tips and a cumshot : Tricks and ramrod tips and a cumshot

This party is special, and it keeps on getting even more special! Watch this gang of wild sex addicts move further with their insane celebration. Just as this chubby cutie is nicely positioned in the chair, a guy slides his fat one right into her – with another guy rubbing her hard clit at the same time! She's never been serviced like that before! These guys came well-prepared for sure. Now, look at the size of this dick! The lady obviously fancies things on the larger side. Within a few minutes of nice sweaty pounding, we focus on the blonde cutie who gets a nice big load on her delicious, beautifully shaved pussy.

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Chubby vagina play, a good start

Fatty Pub - Fat pussy play, a good start - Chubby vagina play, a good start

Yet another party at our bar frequented by fatties and their horny admirers. But that does not mean the girls are not horny as well! See things start slow here, the guys are alone at first, and then the chicks step in! Oh boy! What wouldn't you do to start hanging out with them. Soon they're together and a game of truth or dare is taking place. It's dare all the way, and you know which way is that. Everybody undresses everybody else, and before you know, guysh have their fingers deep in those fat meaty cunts while girls get busy pleasing some thick cock with their mouths and giant tits. A good start for sure!

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Party for girls, party for yuppies

Fatty Pub - Party for girls, party for boys - Party for girls, party for yuppies

A girls night out, the wildest time of all! Check out the three sexy friends here really losing it, partying like the party animals they are, in all the funny gloves and hats. They've already had a few drinks when the guys nearby decided to try their luck. Talk about timing! With friendliness boosted by booze, the girls were just lovely. And they never hesitated before showing how really lovely they are! This brunette number is a real heart-stopper. Watch her strip, dance around and let her sexy friend suck on her big tasty nipples. The guys got their share as well for sure!

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Party goes on; cream on tits

Fatty Pub - Party goes on; cream on tits - Party goes on; cream on tits

And we're back! Things have gotten pretty intense since we left our last group of party animals. They've been really lucky – couples formed easily. In other words, for every hot fat girl, there's a guy who wants to bang her! But they all seem to be willing to fuck each other, that's for sure. Lots of hardcore sex takes place here as one girl climbes on top of the eager guy, riding his fat shaft, watching her friend blow some serious dick right nearby. They are all turned on like hell by being so close to each other, seeing every thrust, feeling the smell of good old fucking fill the entire room.

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Finally, it’s an all-out orgy

Fatty Pub - Finally, it's an all-out orgy - Finally, it's an all-out orgy

While the first couple are taking a break, things are getting serious with other guys and girls. While this cute blonde still has her pants on – and has a throbbing dick in her mouth – her friend is already naked, taking lots of raw pounding from her newly found lover. The guy doesn't know where to look! Imagine yourself in his position, a gorgeous, soft, curvy BBW hottie taking your dick like a knife killing her, and two more couples with girls just about this fat and sexy, doing it nearby! That's just unbearably hot! Watch as his lover enjoys every drop of this generous shower on her rack and in her mouth.

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